Loan Payout takes a long time

One of them is the fast and quick payment of loans. The repayment of the loan usually takes much longer with debt collection than originally stated in the project, since the rates are often significantly lower than originally agreed. Be prepared for the repayment of collection credits for long repayment periods – if you get the money back! The loan marketplace then performs a credit check that only takes a few seconds. What is the Creditend score and how is it calculated?

Creditend payment – why does it take so long?

Creditend payment - why does it take so long?

In my opinion, the credit must be a maximum of 2 months with the borrower, so that the KNE must wait forever for the required balance and the KK (always) can wait another day for the repayment. You are right, both KN and KGs are trapped.

Waiting for the wonderful, easy receipt of the credit advertised in the ad and the KGs have paid the balance and paid no interest on the waiting / bridging time (maybe the GmbH will pay a fee for that time soon, as the credit will be canceled during that time , could also affect the KH, since the credit must be administered complex until payment).

The miller told me that you have now expected to have 5-week processing time, why it takes so long, I do not know. If you have timely and timely installment payments for at least 6 months, you have the chance to receive a further loan amount through Creditend and thus increase your financial flexibility again.

Do you want to be among the exclusive circle of our borrowers? and in just 6 months I can wait for about 3 months!

Distribution at Creditend

Distribution at Creditend

Anyone who fully finances the loan on the ad pepper media platform will receive their loan from private individuals within a few days. However, the disbursement is not made in individual amounts by the investors, who pay their invested sum to the borrower.

This need not worry about raising the capital of investors. In order to facilitate the payment of the loan amount as soon as possible, it is necessary for the borrower to submit his loan agreement on time and to pay attention to other issues that need to be resolved before accepting the loan. To find out exactly how the payout works and how you can make the process faster, read on.

Borrowing via the online platform Creditend brings many advantages to banks and savers in the commercial lending business. All private borrowers are keen and keen to think about the loan amount needed as quickly as possible. The procedure takes more time from the application to the current account of the checking account.

This is also different with Creditend, as both the investors and the borrowers are private individuals. If Creditend approves a credit plan for the trading platform, the personal loan can be disbursed immediately once sufficient investors have recovered for the loan. To create the conditions for the payment of the P2P loan, the borrower can participate.

On the one hand, he presents his loan application on the Creditend online platform. A detailed and friendly project description gives him the opportunity to convince investors of his own credit rating. The loan is in operation for twenty days, so funding will be sufficient for just under three months. On the other hand, all the necessary documents and information for a credit check and the preparation of a loan agreement must be available. Creditend not only checks the credit bureau score, but also other credit-worthiness features such as the CEG traffic light or the article master article.

This results in the Creditend score and the interest payable. Then the loan project of Creditend will go online, so that private investors can invest in it. Each lender can contribute a small amount to the desired amount of loan, so that in the end enough funds for the loan come together. The actual disbursement of the loan is made for legal reasons via a universal bank subject to the German Banking Act (KWG). Creditend.

The repatriation of all Creditendiliary loans is also taken over by the Sparkasse. All in all, the processing is very fast. The payment of the P2P loan is made in full. The monthly installment includes commission in the form of 2.95% of the P2P loan amount payable to Creditend; It is therefore not extra due.

This allows the borrower to settle and calculate the unbroken loan amount. His loan request is either approved and distributed or rejected without his having any influence. This is completely different with Creditend. With a little flair, the borrower can influence that his lending is attractive and exciting in terms of both the visual and the content.

It has the opportunity to enthuse a large number of investors and their loan project with a joint presentation. Even if a loan is not disbursed, the borrower has nothing to lose: if his loan does not make it to the online marketplace of Creditend, or if there are not enough investors, he has nothing to pay – and can make a fresh start.

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